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What is the success rate of treatment?

The success of treatment is different for everybody and is not quantifiable by any standards of measurement. Most find that a combination of treatment options works best for them, and some may need to repeat treatment. Success largely depends on the individual, and everyone has a different experience.

Do you accept insurance?

We accept most public and private forms of insurance. We also work on a sliding fee scale based on income for those without insurance.

What if I can’t afford treatment?

Our sliding scale is designed to make treatment affordable and accessible to all. We do not require payment up front and offer repayment plan options to make costs manageable. Before starting a treatment plan, we will work with you to set up the best payment plan to suit your needs.

What if I have children, but want to check in as an in-patient?

We have childcare options for children of the infant to toddler age for both in-patients and out-patients. We do request that you find childcare for older children. We are happy to provide you with a referral for childcare, depending on your child’s age and location.

I can’t get time off work for treatment. Do I have any options?

Several forms of treatment available can fit into any schedule. Our full-time in-patient treatment is just one option. Many employers allow time to seek rehabilitation, and we are willing to reach out to your employers if you’d like to determine options for paid or unpaid time off work. If this is not an option, we have various out-patient programs that may fit into your schedule.

If in-patient or out-patient does not work with your schedule, we also offer private and group counseling at various times. We can also refer you to support meetings in your area that fit your needs.

If I start a treatment program but want or need to leave, can I?

All of our treatment programs are entirely voluntary for ages 18 and up. Only patients who are under the age of 18 must be checked in and out by a parent or a legal guardian. We firmly believe that treatment is only effective if the patient is willing to participate. If there is an emergency or event outside of the facility that you need to attend (such as a funeral or a hospital visit), we can pro-rate your treatment plan for the time missed. Documentation of the event will be required.


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